What if birth could be something other than painful?

Blissborn birth hypnosis works to keep you and your baby safe and focussed together.  The skills learned during the 5 classes support how you build your experience of birth for you, your partner and your baby. Get ready to change your responses of pain and fear into comfort and control. 


 Blissborn birth change families and positively impact babies

Blissborn birth hypnosis classes are set up to teach both anatomy and psychology of birth, as well as having plenty of time to practice self-hypnosis skills. Both moms and their partners feel well-prepared, intimately connected, and truly transformed by new skills they learn and personalize for their own blueprint of labor and birth. If this sounds like what you always imagined birth to be, then the Blissborn birth hypnosis classes are your best resource for building the birth story you desire.


What I experienced during the births of my children changed me forever

I used Blissborn birth hypnosis during labor and delivery of each of my children and it was   amazing and affirming to how powerful I could feel. I never felt like I was doing anything scary, out of my control, or in any way damaging to myself. I was able to stay calm and focused, and even within the state of hypnosis I could communicate my needs to those around me. I now get to share with my students my mommy wisdom, my anecdotes, and hard-earned patience. I know that they too can also create births that are meaningful and blissful for them.



STATS/Extra info for Blissborn page

  • Using hypnosis can shorten labor to 5-6 hours total
  • Mom’s reported having good energy levels soon after birth, and were able to hold and bond with their baby
  • You are 4X more likely to achieve a natural birth with self-hypnosis
  • 97% of mothers would recommend using the audio practice recordings for pain management
  • Start your class series between 25-28 weeks of pregnancy
  • 100% Safe for VBAC births/ water births/ and planned C-sections
  • Surrogate moms and non cisgender couples are welcome


Class 1 Discovering self hypnosis, the science and psychology of the birthing brain plus intro to self-hypnosis for mom and partner.

Class 2  Practical skills for mom and partner, filling out the details and actions partners can most utilize in their primary role as supporter and advocate for mom. Learn Partner Trigger for hypnosis.

Class 3 Birth without fear, the power to work down your fear and find solutions to the roadblocks ahead lies within the honest conversations regarding fear and birth. Self-hypnosis for facing down fear.

Class 4 Tame labor pain with your brain, learning labor and delivery positions and techniques for minimum discomfort for mom and baby.

Class 5 Put it all together, with all your new skills there might be some details that need to be double checked. We leave nothing to chance, and plan out your best road to accomplishing your ideal birth.

The Blissborn birth hypnosis class are designed to set you and our partner up for success without you having to bring extra to the classes. We start by providing an amazing 234-page manual that is full of evidence based research, perinatal resources, tips, hypnosis scripts, and inspirational stories just to name a few. Because it’s such a treasure, this manual will be used in every class.

Get ready to have fun learning not only about birth but also new hypnosis skills  that will help you after during the postpartum time. Learn from an experienced and enthusiastic birth educator, who was a former student herself. You and your partner will work together to personalize effective self-hypnosis techniques throughout the 5 classes. Each class is  2.5 hours in length, most of the time is structured around birth materials, written and physical activities, and partnership building and practicing self-hypnosis.  Also, there is time built in for bathroom breaks and water breaks. Believe it or not, time flies when you are having fun and learning about birth.

There will be plenty for mom and partner to learn about both during and in-between Bissborn classes. Both will use the manual to complete homework, read relevant articles, and finish activities.  Mom will practice her self-hypnosis skills with 6 practice recordings, each 20-30 minutes long, Each recording correlates to self-hypnosis that is practiced in every class. For mom, practicing often makes it easy to instantly get ready for a Blissborn birth! There is also a longer recording for her to utilize as soon as labor begins.