Pregnancy Massage in New Market, Maryland

Spectrum Healing, based in New Market, Maryland and serving Frederick and Montgomery counties. Specializing in prenatal and postpartum massage as well as Blissborn birth hypnosis classes. Offering relief to anyone experiencing back pain, joint pains, physical and mental fatigue during pregnancy or after giving birth. Massage Therapist Nicole Maisel has over 15 years of experience and learning. With the convenience of in-home services she brings a focus on health and wellness for both mother and baby.

The health benefits of massage during and after pregnancy

Combat and recover from sleep fatigue, anxiety and mood swings. Get relief from painful and sore muscles of the legs, hips, low back, neck and pelvic floor. Reduce swelling in joints, limbs and help regain sensation around cesarean scars. Improve blood flow to the baby and placenta throughout pregnancy. Get evaluation and support for proper pelvic floor functioning. Get the long term benefits of pain management and endorphins released through the blood steam. Feel capable and nurtured to be your best during this amazing stage of your life!

The benefits of taking the  Blissborn birth hypnosis classes

Exchange your pre-existing reactions of  expected fear and pain during labor into expected comfort and control. Get educated about your own patterns from the subconscious brain that most influence your approach to labor and birth. Practice self hypnosis and partner support tools every class, making it personalized and affirmative to your goals. Have a space to discuss in depth with your partner your blueprint for pain management, communication, building your support team and what to expect when working with labor and delivery staff. Discover how truly empowering and life changing a blissful birth can be!