Fertility Massage

Fertility Enhancing Massage

Fertility massage is a powerful resource for both men and women. Supporting natural or medically induced cycles, fertility massage works along the timelines of what is happens in your body. It is designed to support reproductive vitality from both cellular levels and organ system levels. 

Fertility massage is safe and utilizes over 6 different modalities and tools to optimize fertility and get your body ready for pregnancy. It brings care and attention to proper organ positioning, increased blood supply of to reproductive organs, and activation of hormone glands.

Benefits of Fertility Massage Box

  • Support maturing egg quality by supporting optimal blood flow to ovaries
  • Decrease lymphatic congestion and side effects of hormonal triggers
  • Achieve optimal thickening of the uterus via using the use of myofascial stretches, thermal therapy, and manually increasing blood supply to the uterine arteries
  • Assess the positioning of the uterus within the pelvic bowl area
  • Relieve pain associated with PCOS, fibroids, endometriosis, Crohn's disease and menstrual cramping
  • Complementary and safe along side of IVF/IUI/FET cycles
  • Provide physical, mental and emotional comfort



Fertility massage has a focus and goal that is quite different from other styles of massage. The focus of this massage helps to support fertility and prepare the body for pregnancy by using several types of techniques, tools and stretches.

Whether you are following your natural cycle or are working within the confines of  an IVF/IUI/FET cycle, you should be getting fertility massages. For natural cycles the protocol would work during the week of the menses, the two weeks before ovulation. For IVF/IUI/FET cycles the protocols are safe during the week of the menses, before transfer, and the two weeks after implantation occurs as well as the time you’re waiting for bloodwork to confirm a pregnancy.

Unlike working with an ovulation cycle, men can work with the fertility massage protocols at any time. 

Setting up the wide variety of tools needed during a fertility enhancing massage is not something that can be rushed. The benefits of this massage is enhanced when given more time to integrate the changes being made. Most clients are more than happy to be on the table as long as possible!

All materials needed for the most therapeutic and effective treatment is brought by the massage therapist. All equipment (sheets/pillows/essential oils/thermal packs/table warmers/bolsters) gets set up for you.