Personal Journey

“Service to other is the rent you pay for your room here on earth”

Muhammad Ali

I know that when I am being honest, joyful, and hopeful, then I am ready and in the best state mind for growth. I like to view this growth as purposefully, and metaphorically placing stones along life’s path.  Looking back at the stoney trails of my personal and professional growth, I am awed by how far I have come. There are moments where stones are placed far enough apart that only a great leap of faith could bridge the distance. Other stones are set almost touching, showing moments of  close support and connection. My stoney path has many stories to tell, I want to share with you now the most recent one.

The year of 2020 was a shocking year. Get your seatbelt tightened and hang onto something kind of a year. It was like that Hamilton song, Yorktown, when Americans sing how it felt when the world turned upside down after defeating the British. By the end of 2020 so much had been turned upside down for me. I had moved my family 40 miles away from the area I spent my childhood, and found myself unable to work in the profession that I had been doing for 15 years. It was  a struggle not  to let it all feel overwhelming. But as the saying goes “where there is a will  there’s a way”, and it seemed that is what it would take to make something out of the nothingness of what lockdowns and social distancing were changing.  It was time to get off the couch and delve into my trusty bag of grit and grind. It was time for me to lay down another of my life’s stones.

 Moving to New Market, Maryland was a big change. Without the hustle and fast paced living of the city I felt like I could find the space and time to build a new opportunity for myself.  The open vistas inspired me to find new horizons within myself. Cool mountain breezes filled me with a new strength and desire to grow. Looking into my children’s eyes gave me hope and a desire to look forward to better days ahead. I gave into the desire to build more connections with strangers who could become friends. I got to building something.  A business with purpose and service, a resource for this new and amazing area I now call home. 

 I am someone who has their dream job, and my work is anything but work. I am well aware of all the help I got in making this new business a reality. My attitude of gratitude extends out to my family, clients, mentors and fellow health practitioners.  They all have helped me so much. Yes, the mishaps and setbacks of the past year were less than ideal.  But what good is life if you’re not going to learn to move on and get to giving?  Everyday that I help and give my clients healthier and rewarding results for their physical and mental wellness is a day I know I have done something of great value. I know the moment they start to smile, laugh or start to feel better that I have laid my stone right where it was supposed to be.