Supporting healthy pregnancy and postpartum recovery, how massage does both

Prenatal massage and postpartum massage offer so much to a woman’s changing body. Supporting both her mental and physical relaxation is just the beginning of what this type of massage offers.

Decrease blood pressure and maintain good vascular health

The system of relaxing, resting and repairing tissues is vital to the proper functioning of the body on both cellular and functional levels. Massage activates the parasympathetic nervous fibers that give feedback from the brain to the organs, blood vessels and glands of the body. Many studies have shown that when it comes to keeping blood pressure within the healthy range during pregnancy and after birth massage is very effective. Massage can help keep you safe and feeling great, now that is true bang for your buck.

Reduce swelling and improve immune health

When it comes to finding an effective way to keep swelling down, again massage is there to help. Most women do experience some level of edema in their limbs during pregnancy. Having those areas worked on during a prenatal massage brings relief from that added pressure and build up of fluids. One other way that massage can be helpful is to support the lymphatic organs, vessels and glands throughout all tissues of the body. Think about the health of the body’s tissues being flushed and cleaned by the lymphatic system, from the skin down to the liver ducts and intestinal walls. Lymphatic health is vital to being able to fight infection and recover from sickness.

Decrease cortisol stress hormone

Studies have shown for many years that regular massage decreases the stress hormone of cortisol in the bloodstream. This hormone is responsible for activating your flight/fright response and makes mental and physical symptoms of anxiety worsen. Since the brian is responsible for maintaining the levels of hormones throughout the body, and because both mom and baby get cortisol levels decreased at the same time, prenatal massage benefits babies before they are born. 

Fatigue and sleep deprivation recovery

Fatigue and side effects of exhaustion are common for pregnant and new mothers. When the many changes of a woman’s body catch up to the many demands she puts on she might need some help. Luckily, prenatal and postpartum massage is a wonderful tool to keep a woman feeling well and not all strung out and overwhelmed. It is her time that she makes for herself, no one else. Massage gives that chance to get away from it all for a little while. The effects of regular prenatal and postpartum massage are invaluable. 

Increase dopamine and oxytocin intake 

If you don’t know how your brain helps you feel your emotional best, look no further than these two hormones. Dopamine helps both regulate proper neurological functioning as well as emotional stability. Oxytocin is often referred to as the “love drug” and it is produced in the brain. Because it helps to bring joy and happiness it makes bonding with your baby much easier both before and after birth.

Improving blood flow to all body tissues

By moving blood flow into areas of muscles, organs and connective tissues massage is a superb tool for establishing better blood flow and thus healing to many types of body tissue. When it comes to pregnant women building healthy blood flow to and from the placenta, this is the most relaxing way to work towards that goal. After birth, having the uterus contract and return to the lower pelvic floor with proper positioning, getting a gentle abdominal massage feels amazing and helps moms to start to support their postpartum body.  

Builds body positivity and healthy relationship with your changing body

When a woman gets pregnant she can never predict how much her body is going to change. Even after multiple pregnancies her body will respond to the hormones and demands of pregnancy differently. Being on the massage table gives her a space to be honest about how her body is feeling, and do so in a way that helps her to feel supported and comfortable. 

Keep constipation and heartburn at bay

The changes that pregnancy and postpartum bring are many, from skin acne to changing shoe sizes. But when digestion starts to slow down due to changes in hormone levels and heartburn starts raging due to the shuffling around of the stomach, the answer for getting relief is a prenatal massage. The use of stretches and proper bolstering can get the internal circuits to function with more optimal consistency. 

Learn how to bolster your body for the most comfort through the night

Starting around 21-25 weeks into the pregnancy, women start to be unable to sleep comfortably on their stomachs or backs. Learning and experiencing the difference that proper body alignment and support with bolstering is another great perk of prenatal massage. Relieving pain points on the hips and shoulders and the neck relaxed and supported while the legs are safely supported is an experience that pregnant bodies really fully enjoy.