What is fertility massage?

Fertility enhancing massage is a manual and synergistic approach to helping your body get ready for conception as well as early pregnancy. With specific protocols for use within a natural or IVF/IUI/FET cycle it’s  safe and effective, and most clients love the way it makes them feel afterward. Each protocol requires skills and knowledge in a range of bodywork modalities. When I work with my clients I make sure that I am communicating the reasons behind my use of each modality.

When performing this type of massage I am able to feel, assess and help create changes that support the organs and systems that connect with fertility. One tool I use is  essential oils, due to the  powerful support they give to reproductive function and hormonal balance. Hydrotherapy, the placing of warm water bags on the abdomen, helps to relieve bloating and cramping that can be common for women around menses and ovulation. Craniosacral work helps to reset the central nervous system and lymphatic drainage clears congestion and inflammation that can be secondary to many fertility medications. Every tool and technique incorporated within the protocols are utilized for their ability to build optimum fertility.

Who should be utilizing it?

Fertility issues are body function issues. And it may surprise some to know that males have just as many fertility barriers as women. Age, lifestyle, diet, and pre-existing conditions are just some of the factors that can play havoc on the road to having a healthy system for fertility. I work with both men and women who are ready to or have already started trying to conceive. I believe that the more educated and integrated you can be about your body’s fertility and health the more you stack the cards in your favor for success. 

How many times does it take for it to work?

When the body creates change, sometimes that change is quickly integrated. Sometimes longer term results are built with more than one session. This type of massage works on the cellular, organ and system level for enhancing fertility and is not a one shot cure for fertility issues. I suggest having at least a 4 series of sessions within your natural or IVF/IUI/FET fertility window.  When I start with clients I calculate and communicate  what type of protocol is most appropriate for them to begin with. A natural cycle of a woman gives us a 24-40 day window of time to work within, depending on what a “normal” cycle looks like. For those who are having ovulation triggered due to a more medically induced cycle, timing can span a whole fertility treatment cycle. Usually one IVF cycle lasts about 2-3 months for one chance of conception. I work with clients within the safest times of a medicated cycle to help them prepare for ovulation and implantation. 

Why is this work so important?

Fertility is something that usually only gets addressed by doctors once you decide to try to conceive. Having been a key component in supportive fertility care over the years, most recently at Shady Grove Fertility Center, I have heard and seen many types of fertility struggles. The mental and physical fatigue that can be eased by fertility massage is so powerful and much needed. This is a client population that is in need of compassion, honest talk, and guidance. I have used fertility massage as a platform to create compassionate and empowering conversations with so many clients.  For over 10 years I have helped them understand their own bodies so that they can better feel in control of how to manage their needs. This type of massage enables me to provide more personalized support for my clients, and they are always thankful for the chance to learn much about fertility along the way.